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Letters to the editor
Letters to the editor

Skilled trades

The article describing Mike Rowe’s support for skilled tradesmen was refreshing.  Plumbers, electricians, carpenters and a host of other skilled tradesmen can and do make a six-figure salary.  Vocational high schools and shop classes need to become entrenched in our public schools, again.  Also, entering the Armed Service with a goal of learning a trade is another viable option.  Free Community College is not the answer.  It is only extending the high school experience with more book learning instead of hands-on career building.

Donald Houghton


China & climate

Your editorial raises an alarm about the possibility of a Chinese spy base in Cuba (“Editorial: Climate least of our worries as China eyes Cuban spy base,” June 9). The fact is that China already spies on us through numerous other channels. And certainly, the US spies on China, notably from within Taiwan, which is the same distance from China as Cuba is from the US mainland. This has been going on for decades.

Yet, the editorial leaps to the conclusion that we should not negotiate with China on climate change because of our adversarial relationship. Perhaps this is just reflexive criticism of anything that involves John Kerry. Still, in any case, it’s misguided to allow the hypothetical possibility of a base in Cuba to derail ongoing climate discussions.

As is often pointed out, China is the world’s largest emitter of greenhouse gases. Short of a shooting war, we cannot afford to stop working with them to decarbonize the world economy. Spy versus spy kerfuffles will come and go, but international cooperation on addressing climate change is the task of the moment. It would be foolhardy to drop the ball now.

Frederick Hewett


Christie campaign

I like rock ‘em-sock ‘em politics especially when the beanbag is tossed around with vigor, and Chris Christie is just the Republican to bring the entire burgeoning GOP field of presidential wannabes to account. The former New Jersey governor is sharp-witted, informed, articulate and fearless, just the attributes primary voters and others in the general electorate require to separate wheat from chaff. Right now there are two Republican lanes – Donald Trump and everyone else. Mr. Christie is New Jersey loud, and will generate noise enough to rival the most celebrated loudmouth in the field, going mano a mano with Mr. Trump. This will provide a third lane and an off-ramp for those whose Oval Office appetites are larger than their talents. Winnow the political poseurs, Mr. Christie, sharpen the arguments against the frontrunner and you will be heralded far from Hoboken.

Paul Bloustein
Cincinnati, Ohio

Hunter’s turn?

Shopping at the supermarket today. After the Trump indictment was announced a few days back everyone at the market had the same question. Where is the Hunter Biden indictment? You see, people are not as stupid as the DOJ thinks and know when a cover up is going on.

Paul Quaglia