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Letters to the editor
Letters to the editor

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I read the article titled “Bad cops booted.” I have no problem with suspending officers accused of felonies. I do have a problem with them being tried in the media. Police officers are just human beings. There are good cops and bad cops. Just like every segment of the population. In the past few years, the media and society has victimized all cops, tried and convicted them.

Most Police officers are good and honorable people. Just like most teachers, counselors and doctors are good and honorable people. Somehow all police officers are vilified and convicted every time a “bad cop” is accused.

Somehow, they are treated differently. I realize they have the trust of society on their shoulders, but so do teachers, counselors and doctors. If a teacher or counselor is accused of a heinous crime, we don’t decide we don’t want any teachers or counselors in our schools. We allow the system to decide if that one person is guilty and we move on.

By vilifying all cops, we are hurting society and allowing our schools, cities and towns to become incredibly scary and dangerous. When people don’t trust police officers, they don’t report issues. Children are put in danger. Some good changes have been implemented to make people more accountable, but this has gone on long enough. Allow good police officers to do their jobs!

Joan Gonfrade



I find it amazing how our society has taken a true backwards step when it comes to gambling.  While gambling may indeed be fun to some degree, the vast majority of gamblers will come out losing their money in the long run, as casinos are in business to make money, and they know how to do that far better than any gambler does. Casino earnings come directly from the people who gamble and lose, and it will never, ever change in favor of the gamblers.

We’ll never see an article about a casino going into Chapter 7 status, as they know how to succeed and prosper, all at the expense of gamblers who all lose far more money than they will ever win at gambling.  I suppose educating high schoolers on the negatives of gambling is good, but it should not detract from the time that should be spent teaching them what they need to succeed in high school, college, and beyond.  In summation, avoid gambling like the plague.

Tony Siciliano



The Boston Celtics did not deserve to make the NBA finals for several reasons. Their inability to win games at home as their losing three games out of four games to a Miami Heat team that barely made the playoffs. Second, the coaching staff’s inability to make in-game adjustments such as going to the basket more instead of shooting ill-advised three point shots. Finally everything was set in place for the Celtics to win the championship with both the Golden State warriors and Los Angeles Lakers eliminated. The experience from last year’s final and more overall talent than the Denver Nuggets would have given the Celtics the edge in the finals. They choked in game seven at home and blew the best opportunity they had to win with this team.

Paul J. Baranofsky